Frequently Asked Questions

Why does treatment has to start immediately after diagnosis?

is a serious disease that if left untreated can quickly lead to death. Other problems may occur if the has metastasized. A standard therapy must be applied, and in addition also Varumin® must be used, with which the expected results would improve. The manufacturer recommends as quickly as possible to start using Varumin®.

What is Varumin®?

Varumin® is a herbal medicinal product, made ​​from active ingredients of plant origin. Varumin® primarily fights . It improves the overall condition of the body.

What is the evidence that Varumin® works?

Experts did a study on Varumin®, at the Macedonian clinical centre in Skopje the study is ongoing, a large number of doctors from different countries and thousands of satisfied customers. Varumin® has been available in almost every country around the world for over 20 years.

What kinds of can be treated with Varumin®?

The best results are achieved with Varumin® on soft tissue (e.g., lung , prostate , breast and s of the digestive tract), but we have documented cases of all types of , and the overall cure patients.

Can Varumin® be used along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

Yes. There is no possibility of interaction between these therapies. Only better results can be expected.

In other situations, apart from , can Varumin® be used?

When the body is exhausted, to increase immunity, in addition to standard treatment for acute and chronic diseases, in anemia, multiple sclerosis, immune diss, and in the overall poor condition of the body.

Can Varumin® be used also with other drugs or herbal products?

Yes. It is just necessary to be careful if you are allergic to any ingredient of Varumin®.

What are the recommended doses of Varumin®?

Each treatment begins with taking the whole bottle of Varumin®. Six hours later, the dose is one tablespoon (10 ml) of Varumin® 2. One tablespoon of Varumin® 2 must be dosed four times a day (which does not mean that you have to take it only for 6 hours). If it is used in accordance with the normal schedule, the entire pack of Varumin® should be used in about 5 days. In the case of bone tumours, tumours located in the head and at very metastasised tumours, Varumin® should be used five times a day.
Children can take Varumin® 3 times a day.
It is not recommended to take breaks during Varumin® therapy. Later, when the patient’s condition stabilizes, you can reduce the dosage, or increase the time between taking Varumin®. (Instead of having to take it every six hours, it can be taken every eight, respectively twelve hours).

How long does the treatment last?

First results are expected after 4 weeks of use (4 packs of Varumin®). If you improve the overall condition of the body or the blood count, the treatment should be continued for up to 6 months. After this therapy it is not necessary, but it is advisable to use 1-2 doses per year.

Is it possible to eat between dosing Varumin®1 and Varumin®2?

Yes, of course. It is important that the first spoon of Varumin®2 is take after six hours of taking Varumin®1 and one hour after a meal.

Is there a special diet that should be followed during therapy?

There is a special diet, but it is not because Varumin® is used, but due to the health condition of the body. The patient should stop eating foods that feed cells.

In connection with the diet, our patients are recommended:

It is not allowed: red meat, dairy products with high fat content, eggs, white sugar, bananas, grapes-generally sweet and fatty foods should be avoided.

We recommend: fish, white chicken, fresh fruit (except bananas and grapes), vegetables, all kinds of cereal, brown sugar, low fat milk, yogurt and the like.

Such a diet is recommended to improve the health status of the patient, it is not related to the use of Varumin®.

Is it appropriate to use other herbal products during treatment?

Yes. We recommend to use Varumin® herbal tea, which can be used as a beverage throughout the entire period of therapy, because the ingredients, which it includes have non-specific immunostimulatory effect. One tablespoon of tea pour over with 250 ml of cold water and leave to brew for hours in covered container. Strain the tea and drink it unsweetened three times a day.

What should I do in case of diarrhea?

In case of severe diarrhea, try to reduce the dose of Varumin®. This can occur if you use Varumin®2 four times a day, in combination with other products that contain aloe. In that case, you should stop using other products that contain aloe.

What tests have been performed to prove the quality of Varumin®?

Each series of Varumin® is tested in our laboratory, as well as in National accredited laboratory. This proves that Varumin® does not contain micro-organisms, heavy metals, pesticides or other chemicals.