They wrote to us

Varumin® has successes in the treatment of s that are not achievable in modern medicine. We would like to share some of them:

Dimitar’s of treatment


Stefan had grade IV neuroblastoma. He was treated with a surgical way, and even chemotherapy. The prognosis of this disease is poor. Stefan is successfully cured thanks to Varumin®.

Stefan’s of treatment (in Serbian)

Stefan (4)

Elisabeth is a doctor of medicine. She was diagnosed with CIN I, with the presence of HPV 58. She has used Varumin® for two months and further analysis confirmed the absence of HPV.

Patient’s statement

Dr. Elisabeth

Patient with HPV in CIN III, used Varumin® during pregnancy. Gave birth to her healthy girl and CIN is reduced.

Mother’s statement

Natasha, mother

Metastatic pancreatic

Statement (in Bulgarian)

Pavlinka, Varna

with metastasis in the skeleton


Success in Holland

corticis glandulae suprarenalis,
Medullary hyperplasia glandulae suprarenalis

The entire course of treatment (in Serbian)

Andrea, student

Vencislav, Sandanski

Success of Varumin® treatment for metastatic breast

Statement and the results of the patient (in Serbian)

Mrs Bijedic, Tuzla

Cystadenocarcinoma ovarii metastaticum

Patient’s results

Blagorodna, Gevgelija

Mrs Teškeredzic, Sarajevo