Complementary therapy

with Varumin

There is no evidence that there was an interaction between Varumin® and any other chemotherapy or any oncology medication. Such a combination of medication is usually welcomed, because the anti- medication must be aggressive, in for the interruption, proliferation (spreading and growth) of malignant cells to come as soon as possible and to cease damaging healthy tissues.

Varumin® is an herbal anti product, which may increase the effects of standard chemotherapy and diminish any of its adverse effects.

Varumin® is desirable to use during and after chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, surgical intervention on tumours. Positive effects have been observed after one hour of taking the first dose of Varumin®.

Patients feel a metabolism improvement, increase in appetite, blood counts improvement, as well as better tolerance of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Enough cases are recorded that after taking Varumin®, there was no longer radiation needed. For best and quickest results, treatment must start early.