Natural composition

Varumin® is a complex mixture of pharmaceutically processed medicinal plants. These medicinal plants are not exposed to toxic substances, either of chemical or biological origin. The efficiency of Varumin® is already known and confirmed, like in traditional as well as in professional medicine.

Origin of raw materials and technological process of processing medicinal plants ensure maximum and continuous effect of this product. Despite the unique and very complicated herbal composition, working mechanism of Varumin® on tumour cells is not precisely defined.

On the basis of clinical trials and the results, which are collected by the patients, it was found that Varumin® has multiple working mechanisms, which is the result of a synergistic modulation of an immune response and an antiproliferative effect on tumour cells. Such working of Varumin® in combination with certain positive effects of working, suggest how Varumin® is a unique and efficient, and at the same time also safe, because it has an excellent security system. Effect of Varumin® in combination with several effects of its working, claim about how Varumin® is a unique and at the same time effective and also safe.

Patients feel the improvement in metabolism, increase of appetite, improvement of blood counts, as well as easier management of side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Positive effects of Varumin® working are visible an hour after the first dose.

In Macedonia (the country in which the Varumin® is produced), at the Clinical Centre in Skopje, there is an ongoing large clinical study to show how and to what extent Varumin® can help in the medication of cervical , which causes HPV (human papillomavirus), as well as the effectiveness of Varumin® in treating many other s. The most famous experts participate on this study with their colleagues from this medical field.