What is Varumin®?

Varumin® is a completely natural herbal anti product, in the form of oral solution.

It is composed of two units: Varumin® 1 and Varumin® 2, which are combined and used together.

Varumin® was manufactured in 1985 and in 2001 and is officially registered as a medicine in Macedonia, and is launched into sale. At the moment you can buy it in over ten countries.

Producer and owner of the original recipe of Varumin® is the pharmaceutical industry – INTER EVROGENEKS, Novo Selo, Macedonia, with more than thirty years experience in the discovery and production of medicines, dietary products and teas. All the products of this company are made according to its own original and unique recipe. In addition, the company also produces medicinal plants for their own production needs.

Original recipe – composition and name Varumin® are patented and protected, and are an exclusive property of this company. Varumin® is intended for individual use or in combination with other anti- treatment (chemotherapy), depending on the need and the tumour.

It is used as therapy of all s in the early stages and in the phase of metastasis.

Varumin® is a complex mixture of pharmaceutically processed medicinal plants. Effectiveness of Varumin® is already known and confirmed, as in traditional, as well as in professional medicine. These medicinal plants are not exposed to toxic substances, chemical or biological origin.

Origin of raw materials and technological process of processing medicinal plants ensure maximum and continuous effect of this product. Despite the unique and very complex herbal composition, the working mechanism of Varumin® on tumour cells is not precisely defined.

On the basis of clinical trials and the results, which are collected by the patients it was found that Varumin® has multiple working mechanisms, which is the result of a synergistic modulation of an immune response and an antiproliferative effect on tumour cells. Such working of Varumin® in combination with certain positive effects of working, suggest how Varumin® is a unique and efficient, and at the same time also safe, because it has an excellent security system.

Effect of Varumin® in combination with several effects of its working, claim about how Varumin® is a unique and at the same time effective and also safe.

Patients feel the improvement in metabolism, increase of appetite, improvement of blood counts, as well as easier management of side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Positive effects of Varumin® working are visible an hour after the first dose.

In Macedonia (the country in which the Varumin® is produced), at the Clinical Centre in Skopje, there is an ongoing large clinical study to show how and to what extent Varumin® can help in the medication of cervical , which causes HPV (human papillomavirus), as well as the effectiveness of Varumin® in treating many other s. The most famous experts participate on this study with their colleagues from this medical field.


Based on years of research and testing of Varumin®, we come to the conclusion that Varumin® is an excellent addition to standard therapy of malignant diseases (improves the effectiveness of the treatment), while acting independently on tumour cells.

Varumin® strengthens, with its rapid action, the body and controls the immune response.

By using Varumin® rapid regeneration of damaged tissue is expected, as well as full recovery of the patient, who uses it.
Working: Extracts from a variety of medicinal plants, which Varumin® is composed of, contain a full range of efficacy to pharmacodynamic activity.

These active medicinal ingredients are used, and they are also very well known in traditional, homeopathic, as well as professional medicine. Known pharmacological effects of active substances of medicinal plants, which are found in the Varumin® composition are: citotoxic, immuno-stimulating, detoxifying, anti-microbial, diuretic, laxative and antidepressant.

On the basis of these effects, Varumin® is used as an additional therapy of various diseases, which are characterized by weakening of immunity and poor general condition.

So far there are no side effects in patients, who use Varumin®.

Indications: Varumin® improves the general condition of the body, in cases when the body is weakened and exhausted, improves and strengthens the immune system and the body’s resistance, it is also used as an addition to standard therapy, as well as supplementary treatment of acute and chronic diseases, such as HPV infection, skin diseases, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, anemia, and recto anal, in to improve the overall condition of the body.

In all the mentioned diseases Varumin® can also be used preventively.