Successfully cured cervical cancer

Successfully cured fourth stage lung cancer

This patient had cancer of lungs on the left ventricle, he felt great pain in the breast, and his body was very exhausted.

On radiographs there are results shown over a three month use of Varumin.

This patient had never had the surgery to the lungs made.

Successfully cured metastatic breast cancer


Cancer of the right breast with metastasis, size of about 10 cm. Based on radiographs of the skeletal it is seen metastasis also in some parts of the spine and ribs.

Chemotherapy has started on the same day.

He has not been operated only took 5 cycles of chemotherapy, and his condition improved slightly, but he was not in good condition. The patient began using Varumin in January 2005, and his response to Varumin was very good. Already on 14th March, 2006 the mammography test was negative.

Successfully cured testicular cancer

The 24-year-old patient, who was operated because of the testicular cancer, it was found out that the cancer has spread also to lungs.

He started to use Varumin on 21st January, 2001. At the patient request he stopped taking chemotherapy. On the same day a CT scan of the lungs showed big cancerous enlargement.

21st May, 2001: CT scan showed a complete normality – without any pathological changes.

During recovery, the patient was completely cured with the help of Varumin and he kept a strict diet.

Prostate cancer with metastasis throughout the body – has hit the bones the most.

Results, when the diagnosis was established – November 2004:

PSA in blood 3,6

After several doses of Varumin the following results were achieved:

PSA in blood 0,1 – October 2005

CT screening for bone cancer was negative.